Getting rid of the downers

I’m giving up on downers. By downers I mean people who are overtly and consistently negative. You see, up until a couple of years ago I used to be a really positive person, I always without fail looked to the positive in everything. I’d been programmed that way by my Father, I sprang from a relatively poor working class family but with solid parents whose sole focus was to help their kids lead the best lives possible. Testament to this was my Father’s unwavering commitment to helping me get a foothold on the career ladder in London. Not being able to afford to live in The city for my first London job wasn’t a barrier it was a challenge, he was retired and therefore we set upon driving to and from London every single day. A round trip of 6 hours in commute and over 260 miles per day, he spent my 8 hour working day reading the paper and exploring the area where I worked. We did this for 3 months until I had enough saved for a bedsit, and then I started my journey. 
Life has been up and down since then. We’ve had more than our fair share of tragedies and sadness levelled out by an amazing journey including lots of fun. I met my wonderful wife 20 years ago and have 3 beautiful children.

In business I’ve also had my ups and downs but I’ve learned a lot along the way and tried to keep to my word of not being arrogant or having an ego, my wife helps me with this.

But back to the downers. Recently I’ve noticed that my mood and outlook has been changed by others, the constant moaning, incessant negativity and pompous “I know everything” attitude. I know why they do it but to outline this here would be mean and I don’t want to be that kind of person.

So I’m going back to the old me. The one that earned the nickname ‘Smiley’ at school. The one that looks on the bright side, because life is hard enough!

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